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A Hero’s Send-Off To Rome’s General Drusus The Elder, First Germanicus

Ancient Origins 16 Aug 2022
When word of his younger brother’s life-threatening illness reached him, Roman General Tiberius (later Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus) who was in Pavia at the time, crossed the Alps like a man possessed ... Drusus at the River Elbe by Eduard Bendemann (1860) Berlin, Sammlung Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte ( AKG Collection ) ... Germanicus ... READ MORE… ... By.

What should an LGBTQ museum be? Approaches vary.

San Francisco Examiner 05 Aug 2022
It joins an international network of archives, as well as institutions such as the Schwules Museum in Berlin and the American LGBTQ+ Museum, which is set to open in New York in 2026 ... This led to the founding of the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco and the Schwules Museum in Berlin, both in 1985.

Understanding Our Oppressors, by Gregory Hood

The Unz Review 30 Jul 2022
Paul Gottfried, Antifascism. The Course of a Crusade, Northern Illinois University Press, 2021, 209 pp., \$31.26 hardcover, \$12.99 Kindle. Every day, American Renaissance posts stories about racial double standards, hypocrisy, and progressives’ absurd positions ... Evidence can’t compete with moral fervor ... Dr ... © Berliner Verlag/Archiv/DPA/ ... .

Juanita Casey - a forgotten Traveller-Romany writer rediscovered

RTE 28 Jul 2022
In the 1940s, she exhibited her horse drawings in British galleries; the BBC archive lists a 1957 radio play (a ‘gypsy’s tribute to the horse’) by one Juanita Berlin; a 1960 essay under that name entitled The Gypsies of the New Forest was republished six years later under the ...

Revealed: untold story of the CIA/Stasi double agent abandoned after 22 years of service

The Conversation 27 Jul 2022
The full names of Wolfgang and Heinz also appear in publications by the Stasi archives in Berlin, and a man said to be Koch even appears in a photograph in a book on the history of the Stasi ... in 1989-90, through the German government agency in Berlin that administers them.

Estonia's prime minister has a message for the West: 'Don't worry about Putin's feelings'

Yahoo Daily News 26 Jul 2022
But she had only 20 minutes ... Kallas is Estonia’s 13th prime minister since the Baltic country declared its independence in 1991, although arguably the 45-year-old, who was 12 when the Berlin Wall came down, has already proved among the most troublesome for Moscow ... 24 ... (Berliner Verlag / Archiv/picture alliance via Getty Images) ... "It’s very interesting.

The Ursula Haverbeck Trial In Berlin by Lady Mich�le Renouf

Earth Newspaper 25 Jul 2022
After three days of hearings (commenced in March) at the Berlin Regional Court, the Appeal hearing against the 93-year-old Frau Ursula Haverbeck came to an end ... Two statements formed the substance of the trial ... https.// Lady Mich�le Renouf Archive ... ....

All Five of the Second World War’s Triple Aces in a Day Flew for the ...

War History Online 22 Jul 2022
The Second World War saw thousands of air battles between pilots ... In the early days, German pilots dominated the skies. By 1945, however, the Allies had shown their superiority ... Berliner Verlag / Archiv / picture alliance / Getty Images) ... Berliner Verlag / Archiv / picture alliance / Getty Images) ... Hans Joachim Marseille was born in Berlin in 1919 ... ....

Video: Uruguay’s Decision to Suspend COVID Vaccination for Kids Under 13 Years. Corona Investigative Committee ...

GlobalResearch 15 Jul 2022
She. Has been suing for years for access to the files that are locked away with party-affiliated foundations and thus out of the reach of the federal archives and the and the population. Stated in 2020 in the aftermath of the trial for the liberation of the Kohl files before the Berlin Administrative Court. ... .

Russia's antisemitism aimed at Ukraine's Zelenskyy is just the Kremlin variant of a very old ...

Hastings Tribune 29 Jun 2022
Her body was found in Berlin’s Landwehr Canal ... The Berlin-born Eisner was widely ... In Eisner’s papers in a Berlin archive is a bundle of two thick files with hundreds of mostly anonymous antisemitic hate letters against Eisner, which contain frequent incitements to violence.

Bollywood films increasingly explore LGBTQ, intersex issues

Washington Blade 27 Jun 2022
Music, dance, color, compelling stories and drama. Welcome to the world of the Indian film industry. With the production of more than 1,500 films every year, the industry is the largest in the world ... The movie disappeared into oblivion soon after its release, and the 35 mm film print was only recently discovered in a Berlin archive ... ....

Tresor Adds More Names To Lineup For Upcoming Festival, Tresor31

The Quietus 24 Jun 2022
Techno, Berlin und die gro�e Freiheit. The event, which will mark 31 years of the legendary Berlin techno institution, kicks off early next month, and Objekt, Underground Resistance, Powder and JASS are among the latest DJ additions to the bill ... on Berlin's clubbing landscape.

Algerian artist Kader Attia creates ‘archipelago of voices’ at Berlin Biennale

Arab News 23 Jun 2022
Ariella Aisha Azoulay’s “The Natural History of Rape,” for example, presents a largely textual post-World War II archive through anonymous diaries documenting the rampant sexual abuse of women in Berlin at the hands of the allied forces — their ‘liberators.’ The photographs she ...

Wings of Desire review – Wim Wenders’ elegiac hymn to a broken cold-war Berlin

The Guardian 22 Jun 2022
Bruno Ganz and Otto Sander play Damiel and Cassiel, two angels in the sky above Berlin who amuse themselves by watching and studying all the people in the teeming city below them ... They roam freely, ubiquitously, through the still semi-shattered city of Berlin and their musings are interspersed with archive footage of the destroyed capital in 1945.

The long-lost Adolf Eichmann recordings shown in new documentary

The Jerusalem Post 17 Jun 2022
The international trial was held in Jerusalem’s Binyenei Ha’uma building and was the only time in Israel’s history that a person was sentenced to death ... “Mozer contacted Lucas Weinbir, our researcher in Berlin, who reached out to the German archive where the recordings had been located ... (credit. JOHN MILLI) ... “A lot ... .
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